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development status of sex products

The development status of sex products research has been described as follows:

Taiwanese attitudes to sex are fairly straightforward

In Taiwan, the adult sex industry is called the sex industry, or sex industry, which has a lot to do with Taiwan's freedom of speech.In 1988, Taiwan's newspapers and magazines began to publish articles openly discussing and talking about sex, which enabled Taiwanese to experience a round of sexual enlightenment, and people would not feel embarrassed or unfamiliar with sex toys.Taiwan has implemented sex education for teenagers relatively early, and Taiwanese people's attitude towards sex is quite straightforward, which is different from the mainland people's habit of using culture to package sex.

At the end of last century, some industrialists introduced the motels in the United States, but Taiwan was too small to have any real long-distance travelers. Gradually, the motels developed into places where some rich people talked and made love.These motels are high quality, high consumption route, in order to better serve customers, the hotel has introduced a lot of sex toys, decorations, beds and appliances are involved, some sex toys manufacturers in Taiwan up.

Sex toy industry itself is an industry to meet the needs of human nature, can do very high-tech, very creative.Not counting the monetary cost, the Chinese have access to all kinds of sex products from all over the world.

In fact, people with high spending power, education and vision are more receptive to new things than the average person.They are willing to buy some sex toys and enjoy other forms of sex, so in a certain period of time, their desire to buy sex toys and use rate is relatively high.

But on the other hand, people with high consumption and education are also more likely to be sexually repressed, because they have their social roles and positions, and can't express sex as freely as social grassroots, which needs packaging and circuity.Therefore, sex toys can also meet the upper class in the social norms can not achieve the sexual needs.

From the point of view of the whole society, I think people must have humanistic quality, technological quality and sexual quality.As far as Taiwanese are concerned, they haven't quite reached the ideal level of sexual literacy.Even after so many years of opening up sexual consciousness, only a third of Taiwan's population can accept homosexuality, so some categories of sex toys are still frowned upon.This may be a challenge for Chinese society.

America: sex is consumer goods

In the United States, the consumption of sex products is very high, but which groups consume more has little to do with their spending power.In order to sell in China, relatively high standards of imported products, often want to sell a few thousand dollars, the average wage earners can not afford to consume, but the most expensive in the United States is more than two hundred dollars, basically anyone can consume.

American society is dominated by the middle class, so adult products are consumed by the general public.The reason the upper middle class is willing to spend a lot of adult products is that they are more resistant to satisfying their sexual desires by visiting prostitutes and other means.This is partly to do with sexually transmitted diseases or HIV transmission, and partly to do with the American concept of sexuality, where if there is no sexual partner, they can use different forms of sex products for sexual pleasure.

In the United States, sex shops are very public, unlike in mainland China, where they tend to be found in a small, unglamorous corner.The United States sex shops are very large, including men and women's simulation equipment, sexy underwear, toys, drugs, lubricants, and magazines, more complete.People walk inside, just as they do in department stores on the high street, and stores do not need to be packaged with culture or art.In the final analysis, it is the difference in people's attitudes towards sex.

Sexual interest has nothing to do with social class

It has never been seen that different social groups can live together harmoniously in different ways, including by consuming adult products.However, sex products in Hong Kong are generally more expensive and the quality of sex products is uneven. Education and publicity on sex products are still not widespread, which needs to be improved.

The diversification of sexual articles, itself is the expression of diversification of sexual interest.However, for the open society of Hong Kong, apart from the fact that men and young people are more open about sex, people have different opinions on different forms of sex, ranging from very positive to very negative, and from very conservative to very non-conservative.This has little to do with social class, even if there are catholics at the top.

In Hong Kong, sex education is still listed as a subject in biology and health care in schools, not as a general subject, so it cannot really play the role of education.At home, parents are forbidden to talk about sex with their children. Many teenagers' sexual knowledge comes from the Internet, pornographic books and magazines, etc., which cannot guarantee the healthy and legal source of sexual information and reasonable guidance when they choose sexual methods.The most common problem in the promotion of sex culture and sex products is to make teenagers confused about sex, love and love. Therefore, the basic sex moral education is also a problem that must be paid attention to in the process of social life diversification.

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